I empower stuck professionals to stop settling for less, recognize their value & regain their voice so they can honor their boundaries to create their careers on their own terms.


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Hi! I'm Alicia


The Career Strategist and an HR veteran with more than a decade of experience as an executive recruiter and hiring manager. 


Bored & stuck professionals rely on me to teach them how to confidently “toot their own horns”stop settling for less, and honor their boundaries – all so they finally have the career they always dreamed about.


I've been able to help hundreds regain their voice back so they can set their career on their own terms.


 I believe that your career isn’t everything- but it does impact everything. It impacts how you treat yourself, the people you love, and your personal sense of value.  


We need to take a lot more thought into our careers. We spend so much time, energy, and dedication on our work – and it’s time for our jobs to love us back.


I help my clients hone in on their values & plan their careers to serve them. It's time to go after what you want & not just what you can get! 


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 "Alicia is incredible. She excels in helping her clients gain clarity around their career goals and the tactical steps needed to make those goals a reality. And with many years of experience in HR, she uses that expertise to help her clients make positive mindset shifts surrounding how they approach the next steps in their careers. I had no idea how critical this was until I took her course. I’d recommend her to ANYONE looking to make a change professionally and unsure how or to where. Beyond that, she is warm, thorough, and extremely responsive. I thank her for all her hard work & I TRULY enjoyed my time working with her."

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"Hiring Alicia was the best decision I’ve made for my career. She is the most encouraging and uplifting person. She breathed new life into me “professionally.” Her program is foolproof and if you follow her guidance, your dream job awaits. If you are unhappy in your job and need guidance Alicia Perkins is the answer. I have told every job seeker I know about her. Do yourself and your career a favor, contact her today."

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Maybe you've been taught it's normal to go to work grudgingly every day.....


Or maybe you don't think you have enough to make a career change or imposter syndrome is telling you this will be too hard to do. Take this assessment to see if you comfortable or happy with your career? And yes! There is a big difference. 

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PurposedtoPaid is our private community for ambitious professionals motivated by purpose, committed to career success, willing to do the work, and determined to create their careers on their own terms.

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I have a passion for teaching aspiring & motivated professionals how to be successful in their careers.

My company, Prepared Careers, have partnered with dozen of organizations all over the world to inspire employees & students with tips, strategies & proven methods to push them to the next level in their careers.


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