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About Prepared Careers LLC.

People power the world.
We help them grow.

Specialized skill development for team members at all levels.
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72% of Employees

Leaves their job due to no professional development opportunities.

(Pewresearch 2021)

87% of People

Say professional growth & career development are very important.

(ClearCompany 2021)

85% of Graduates

Employees Are Not Engaged in the Workplace.

(Gallup 2023)

76% of Employees

Says skills training would make a company more appealing to them.

(Lorman 2021)

Does this sound like You?

Struggling with Hormonal Imbalance

Poor gut health

Trouble losing weight


 Low Libido

Thyroid dysfunction

Tired all the time

If you’re dealing with menopause, weight gain and body changes with no answer...

If you’re a young hormone female and maybe want to become pregnant...

If you want to prevent diseases like cancer instead of face it down the road...

If your labs are “normal” but you don’t feel normal...


Partnering with Employers

As companies face ongoing disruption and must adapt to remain competitive, they also face ongoing disruption and need to constantly adapt. Both parties are struggling to keep up with the pace of change, affecting engagement, culture, retention, and revenue.

A lack of career development can result in employees being unmotivated and unproductive. This translates into low staff retention, inefficiency, and hiring difficulties if it extends across the organization.

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Partnering with Educational  Organizations

As the workforce becomes more and more competitive to navigate, we are partnering with educational institutions & organizations to make sure their students are able to market themselves & conduct strategic job searches with full confidence.

The programs and tools we offer go beyond basic concepts and provide the right tools and programs to the people who need them.

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Partnering with
Religious Organizations

By partnering with churches, we ensure they can provide both spiritual guidance and career & professional guidance to their members. It makes members more confident in their belief in God & their ministry when they experience growth in their spiritual and natural lives.

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How We Help

Your partner in employee development.

We understand that your organization's success depends on the talent and skills of your employees. That's why we're dedicated to providing comprehensive employee development solutions that help you cultivate your talent and achieve your goals.


  • Inspire better work

  • Keeping up the ever-changing workforce

  • More impactful engagement

  • Increase retention & internal mobility 

Through partnership, we provide customized professional development that is aligned with your organization's needs.

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Hear What Our Clients
Say About Us.

“Prepared Careers possesses admirable work ethic, excellent time management and content delivery skills. Their enthusiasm and dedication to help the society during tough Covid time with her knowledge is both inspiring and motivating. It would be a pleasure for me to be able to collaborate with them for more workshops.”

“Prepared Careers gave a workshop our university community and everyone was enlightened by their expertise and guidance! Their community building and bringing an impact is highly commendable. They are well organized. Truly enjoyed working with them!”