#51 Navigating the Gray Area: Is Your Workplace the Problem or You?

Season #1

Toxic Workplace

A toxic workplace is often used to describe an environment that is destructive, unbalanced, and damaging to mental health. However, sometimes we use toxic a little out of context when the problem is not the workplace but ourselves. So many of us don’t desire to grow, be stretched, or be challenged in our work, which can turn everything in our workplace into a toxic and scary experience.

When you have a job, you have to be ready to grow with the company you’re working for. Things will not go your way all the time, and being self-aware.is critical in differentiating whether it’s the environment that is toxic or you just don’t like it. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it is wrong.   

Join the conversation with your host, Alicia Perkins, as she shares about toxic work workplaces and how to differentiate personal triggers from toxic environments. Differentiating between triggers and actual toxicity is the key to your success. You don’t want to remove yourself from environments that are good for you, which can help you develop the skills and traits to maintain the success you want.

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Key Highlights From The Episode;

[00:00] Introduction to the show 

[00:41] Today’s focus: Toxic work environment

[01:16] Is it the workplace, or it’s you

[03:47] Work environment where there’s no trust and communication

[07:18] Poor leadership in an overworked environment 

[08:20] Be self-aware and take the necessary steps 

[09:58] Spinning your wheels to fix something that cannot change

[11:50] Being in control of your response and reaction 

[16:40] Operating with a level of compassion for self and others

[18:53] Differentiating personal triggers and toxic environment  

[20:10] Ending the show and call to action 


Notable Quotes 

  • If you don’t desire to grow, be stretched, or even be self-aware, everything becomes toxic.
  • If you want everything to go your way all the time, you don't need a job.
  • Self-awareness will change your life.
  • People will always put their success first if they are given a choice.
  • 99% of the time, where there is a toxic environment, there’s a poor leadership
  • When you choose to go to the same environment every day, you’re to blame 
  • It is easier to complain about something than make the necessary steps and moves to make it better.
  • You can't fix your workplace unless you work at the top. 
  • You cannot control how other people respond, but you can control what you do. 
  • Every emotion that you feel is in not right 


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