#47 Ready to Ditch Your Limiting Beliefs? Ask Yourself These 4 Questions

Season #1

In this episode of Career Revamp, host Alicia Perkins delves into the topic of limiting beliefs and how they can affect one's career and overall growth. She provides a framework for listeners to follow in order to move past their limiting beliefs and achieve success in their careers and lives.

Key Points:

  • Limiting beliefs are negative thoughts and assumptions that restrict potential and opportunities
  • These beliefs can be created in childhood and become part of one's identity, causing them to settle for less and miss out on opportunities for growth.
  • Limiting beliefs can affect work, productivity, self-esteem, and creativity.
  • To overcome limiting beliefs, it's important to recognize and challenge them by asking 4 key questions: What is the limiting belief, Is it true, What would happen if it were not true, and How do I get rid of these beliefs.
  • Fear often plays a role in limiting beliefs such as fear of failure, disappointment, being ridiculed, and reframing these fears can help in overcome limiting beliefs


  • Recognize and challenge your limiting beliefs by asking yourself the four key questions.
  • Shift your mindset towards a more positive and empowering perspective.
  • Take action towards reframing limiting beliefs and replacing them with positive thoughts and beliefs.
  • Surround yourself with supportive people who can help you challenge and overcome limiting beliefs.


Notable Quotes:

"The main thing that makes people self-conscious is fear. It's the fear of failure, disappointment, a fear of not being able to exceed, a fear of being ridiculed and so much more"

"Having a particular job title is not gonna change how you feel about yourself. Because one thing that you can admit is that when you talk to people, it doesn't matter what level or stage they are in their career, one of the hugest concerns is that they're not sure if they have enough, or if they really have what it takes."



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