#47 Ready to Ditch Your Limiting Beliefs? Ask Yourself These 4 Questions

Season #1

In this episode of Career Revamp, host Alicia Perkins delves into the topic of limiting beliefs and how they can affect one's career and overall growth. She provides a framework for listeners to follow in order to move past their limiting beliefs and achieve success in their careers and lives.

Key Points:

  • Limiting beliefs are negative thoughts and assumptions that restrict potential and opportunities
  • These beliefs can be created in childhood and become part of one's identity, causing them to settle for less and miss out on opportunities for growth.
  • Limiting beliefs can affect work, productivity, self-esteem, and creativity.
  • To overcome limiting beliefs, it's important to recognize and challenge them by asking 4 key questions: What is the limiting belief, Is it true, What would happen if it were not true, and How do I get rid of these beliefs.
  • Fear often plays a role in limiting beliefs such as fear of failure, disappointment, being ridiculed, and reframing these fears can help in overcome limiting beliefs.


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