#46 Clarity: The Game-Changing Factor in Your Career

Season #1

In this episode, we explore the impact of a lack of clarity on your career and professional development. Lack of clarity can be defined as constantly changing your mind, questioning your skills and strengths, and struggling with decisions. It can also be disguised as imposter syndrome, where you doubt your abilities and feel undeserving of better opportunities.


  • A lack of clarity can hold you back in your career by causing you to question your skills, feel uncertain about your direction, and settle for less than you deserve.
  • To overcome a lack of clarity, try to address any imposter syndrome feelings and seek feedback from others to help you gain confidence.
  • Set clear career goals and work towards them with determination and focus. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.
  • Don't settle for less than you deserve. Believe in yourself and your abilities, and don't be afraid to pursue your dream job or career path.

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