#45 4 Signs You are Intimidated By Your Own Success

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4 Signs You Are Intimidated By Your Own Success


Success is the goal for most of us, but often we don’t realize that we’re intimidated by our own success. Success means you’ve reached the goal that you have set. It doesn’t matter what and how it took to get to the goal. What matters is that success has been achieved.  However, when we start thinking about how hard people work to reach success, the fear of success and failure starts to creep in because we believe we cannot sustain it. Fear and intimidation can be overwhelming and terrifying as it leads us down a path of negative thoughts and setting goals that don’t align with our life. We can overcome fear and intimidation by learning to work and shift our mindset. Mindset is everything. It determines how you show up for yourself, your family, and your work.

Join the conversation with your host, Alicia Perkins, as she shares 4 Signs You Are Intimidated By Your Own Success. We all want to be successful, but understanding our fears and shifting our mindset will help us reach the level of success we want.

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Key Highlights From The Episode;

[00:00] Introduction to the show

[00:47] Today’s focus: 4 Signs You Are Intimidated By Your Own Success.

[03:06] The fear of success and the consequences of success

[07:02] Not wanting to show up or be the center of attention

[07:53] Procrastinating and self-sabotage

[08:23] Perfection and quitting everything

[09:23] Self-destructive behavior

[12:13] Imposter syndrome

[15:06] Examining yourself and doing the self-work

[16:27] Ending the show


Notable Quotes

  • Success is the goal for most people; everybody is trying to reach some level of success in life.
  • The fear we feel when we succeed is not the fear of achieving the goal; it is the fear of consequences that come with success.
  • You lower your expectations when you keep telling yourself you’re asking for too much, even when you’re not asking for enough.
  • Sometimes you’ve to relearn things and reframe your mind to get to the level of success you want.
  • Mindset is everything; a job title or a certain amount of money will not change the way you think about yourself; you’ve to do the self-work.
  • Self-doubt will affect your life and the way you show up at work and for yourself.


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