#44 What Does it Really Take To Make 6-Figures

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What Does it Really Take To Make 6-Figures


What does it take to make a 6-figure salary in your career? Making a 6-figures salary is all about mindset, skillset, and asking for it. What you think you can get and want is not the same thing. You’ve to want, believe and ask for the money you desire. Increasing your income doesn’t happen by chance or happen overnight. It’s a process that requires effort and diligence to get what you want. You can’t sit back and wait for your employer to bestow you with a promotion or raise. You have to show up and stand up for yourself. Don’t be open to any opportunity; brand yourself and let your experience speak to a role or a need to attract the right opportunities.

Join the conversation with your host, Alicia Perkins, as she shares tips to boost your income and get to 6-Figures in your career. Don’t get comfortable where you are if your salary has been able to keep up with the inflation.

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Key Highlights From The Episode;

[00:00] Introduction to the show

[00:47] Today’s focus: How to Make 6-Figures

[02:36] Do a ****Mindset check and get past ‘I cannot make’ beliefs

[04:56] Be clear on the value of your skillset and create a personal brand

[13:27] Change your careers or jobs

[15:18] Ask for a raise

[18:56] Freelance and monetize your skills outside your job

[20:13] A quick recap

[21:48] Ending the show


Notable Quotes

  • What you think you can get and want is not the same thing.
  • There’s no skill in this world that you can’t learn.
  • A lot of time, it doesn’t take experience to fill skill gaps; it takes knowledge.
  • Brand feel doesn’t happen by chance; it comes from design and effort.
  • When your experience doesn’t speak to a role or a field, it’s hard for employers to see how you’re able to help them.
  • Having a brand will set you apart from everybody else in the market.
  • Changing careers or jobs is the fastest way to increase your income.


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