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There's this nagging feeling that there's more but you don't know how to make it happen 


I know you sometimes feel trapped in the cycle of overworking yourself & burnout with no clear vision of what's next for you.


You hide behind " gratitude" for your job, but deep down, you know there's something better for you.


But you can't shake the feeling of being stuck and not knowing what the future holds... 

Let me guess…   

In hopes of getting noticed, you take on extra responsibilities & work so you could be seen as "valuable"

Or maybe you've tried applying for other jobs to make yourself feel like you're taking action...


You're doing the work, but something's getting in the way of you securing the right opportunities with the right pay...

No matter how you try to figure out things on your own, you simply can’t find the exact answers…


Break The Cycle

Ever wonder why most people can't get past being overlooked & undervalued? 

 3 Reasons Why You're Having Trouble Advancing in Your Career...

 Lack of a personal brand

Without a strong personal brand, it can be challenging to differentiate yourself from your peers and stand out in your industry.

Poor communication skills

Effective communication is essential for building strong relationships, influencing others, and articulating your value.

Lack of visibility

Even if you have the skills and experience, if you're not visible in your industry, it can be difficult to advance in your career.

Ready For A Change

So, what’s the solution?

If you’re trying to figure out how to accelerate your career growth & move into working smarter...

So you can turn your career in the right direction...

But more than that, you need proper SUPPORT to understand all the essentials and have a proper roadmap for career elevation.


And for that, I am introducing…

  Live Workshop

 Building Your Best Brand:

  Elevate Your Presence, Increase Your Impact & Maximize Your Performance


 April 11th-13th | 6pm CST 

This 3-day virtual workshop is designed for high-performing corporate leaders who want to break their glass ceilings & confidently upgrade their titles & their  impact – with salaries to match.

Tall Package


3 Monthly Payments of: $58 Best Value!

  • Full curriculum
  • Bonus materials
  • Downloadable pdf’s 

This workshop is for you if...

  • Feeling stuck or stagnant in their current role
  • Struggling to stand out in a competitive industry
  • Lacking clarity or confidence in your personal brand or unique value proposition
  • Struggling to communicate your skills and achievements effectively
  • Feeling unsure about how to advance in their career or what steps to take next
  • Struggling to navigate workplace dynamics and build strong relationships with colleagues and stakeholders. 

Here’s a Breakdown of What to Expect...

 This workshop will set a path to stand out in your industry & unlock new levels to your salary & impact.

 Establishing Your Best Brand

  • Learn the importance of personal branding for career advancement

  • Identify your unique value proposition and define your personal brand

  • Develop and communicate your brand message effectively

  • Strategize to stand out and advance in your industry


 Impacting at Your Best in the Workplace & Beyond 

  • Establish strong work presence & understand workplace dynamics.
  • Communicate with impact & build relationships with stakeholders.
  • Identify opportunities for innovation & create lasting impact.
  • Cultivate a reputation as a leader in your industry & leave a lasting legacy.


Implementation & Strategy Day

VIP attendees will receive an exclusive bonus day that will provide you with personalized support & custom strategy to help you create a career advancement plan that works for you and your unique goals. You'll receive expert guidance and accountability measures to ensure continued growth and success as you implement the insight and techniques learned throughout the workshop. 


Enroll in this workshop and in just 3 days, get concrete, tailored strategies to uniquely position yourself and build your brand that’ll take your career to a new level.

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Meet Your Instructor


Hi, I'm Alicia, a Career & Professional Development coach, and HR Veteran with over a decade of experience.

My secret sauce us helping people recognize their value, stop settling, build a career that aligns with the life they want.

My mission is to help high-performing leaders in corporate take control of their careers & be the best version of themselves.

I have developed frameworks & strategies that help my clients climb the corporate on their terms & receive salary increases up to $75k.

I've helped over 2K professionals move past their fears and confidently navigate challenges and build their dream careers. 

Girl, I Need Your Help!

I've attended numerous events and workshops Alicia has held. The information she provides is straight-forward and clear. No fluff, just real advice that is easy to understand and can be applied to your situation immediately. She shows that she genuinely cares. If you are unclear about anything in your career, I would highly recommend Alicia. She not only focuses on your career but you as a person as well. Since working with Alicia, I am much more confident in my ability to succeed, and I am clear on what to do to be successful.

-Dana Patterson | HR

 "Attending Alicia's workshop was an absolute game-changer for me. The workshop provided practical tools and strategies that I could immediately implement into my career. Alicia focuses on personal development and causes you to self reflect, heal, change your mindset, and she helps you to make the necessary changes. Once you know better, you do better! I was impressed with the level of engagement and support provided by Alicia, and I left feeling more confident and equipped to take on new challenges".

-Teisha | Salesforce Administrator

The end result?

You Will...

  • Stand out in your industry and position yourself for career advancement.

  • Identify opportunities for innovation and drive change within your organization.

  • Unlock new opportunities for growth, advancement, and increased income.

  • Establish a strong personal brand that sets you apart in your industry.

  • Effectively communicate your unique value proposition to current or future employers for higher-level opportunities. 

I'm Ready!

 " A lot of workshops are expensive and full of fluff but Alicia’s workshop was truly power-packed and full of valuable, relevant, and impactful information. You won’t regret it.

-Randall, Leadership Development Trainer

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  Live Workshop

   Elevate Your Presence, Increase Your Impact & Maximize Your Performance by Building Your Best Brand


 April 11th-13th | 6pm-7:30pm CST 

This 3-day virtual workshop is designed for high-performing corporate leaders who want to break their glass ceilings & confidently upgrade their titles & their  impact – with salaries to match.

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