Helping you to stop settling, regain your voice & have the career you've always wanted. 




Helping you to stop settling, regain your voice & have the career you've always wanted. . 

Here's How My Services Help...

Establish what you want, and what it takes to achieve it so that your career path is aligned with your values & the life you want. Learn how to live with purpose, reach your full potential, and maximize your value.
It's time to stop Googling random career tips & learn what strategies will really help you get closer to the life you want. I develop custom action plans based on your expertise, expectations & values. 

Take control of your mindset, cultivate new self-beliefs, and revamp your career strategy so you can manage your career path with confidence.

Hi, I'm Alicia!

My mission is to help people thrive and build careers that enhance their quality of life rather than hinder it.
I've helped hundreds of people find their value, identify their needs, and achieve a life that doesn't involve working 40+ hours in a job they hate. If you're ready to have a fulfilling career, you're in the right place!

Client Testimonials

Alicia is way more than a Career Coach; she is a Life Changer! All I can say is, Wow! Mind blown! Alicia was able to see my achievements through all my “doings” and displayed me as a leader. Alicia was able and very willing to give me clear directions. If you’re looking for someone to help you find a “job”, any career coach will do. But if you need someone who’s ready to pour into you and help you TRULY build a LIFE you’ll love, no need to look any further. Alicia is an expert life builder. 100 stars. Best investment I’ve ever made in myself.

-Donna Bailey


Alicia has her finger on the pulse, not only in the job market but also with the disconnect between valuable job applicants that haven't yet figured out just how valuable and sought-after they are. It was such a pleasure to work with her. She helped me get out of the weeds and empowered me to boldly set my expectations much higher for current and future employers.

-London Borelli

I am so glad I met you and decided to work with you. Not only did I learn a lot, but I was able to put all of it into my job search and subsequent interviews. Based on your guidance, I was able to step into a position with different responsibilities and increase my salary by 35%. I am not a tree, and I am already looking forward to another title change and another 35% increase in salary

-Lorraine White

My Signature 1:1 Coaching Packages

Next-Level Package

Investment: $2,000

Monthly installments payment plans are available.


This package is perfect for the individual who knows what they want but needs a little more clarity & an action plan to get there.  In a 90-minute virtual call, we will discuss any obstacles keeping you from moving to your next level.

Once we create an action plan to help you get unstuck and closer to your goals, I'll make sure your career documents express your value clearly & attract opportunities aligned with your goals. 

  • 90-minute Career Strategy Call
  • Brand New Resume
  • Customized Cover Letter 
  • LinkedIn Makeover
  • Job Search Resources
  • 30-60-90 Day Job Search Plan
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Up-Level Package

Investment: $5,500

Monthly installments payment plans are available.


This package is for the individual who needs a complete career makeover. There's no doubt it's time for a change, but you aren't sure where to begin, how to repackage your skills, or what opportunities are available. 

Let's work 1:1 to understand what you want, identify your value & plan your next move.

  • (5) 50-Minute Personalized 1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • Brand New Resume
  • Customized Cover Letter 
  • LinkedIn Makeover
  • 30-60-90 Day Job Search Plan
  • 30-Day Follow-Up Coaching Session
  • 1 Year Access to Private Career Growth Club

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My experience working with Alicia so far has been nothing short of amazing. She truly helped me to see where I was in my career path and helped me build my confidence in myself and the skills that I do have. I needed someone to guide me and point me in the right direction and she did just that. She has helped me to understand the importance of setting goals and expectations and also holding myself accountable when it comes to achieving my desired career goals. I will recommend any professional looking to advance in their career or who needs more insight on their job search to reach out to her.

-Andy Dacosta


Professional, efficient, intuitive, and kind are the words that come to mind when I think of Alicia Perkins. She helped me tremendously with my difficult transition from formal higher education to the industry side. Alicia has continually motivated me to push for a better position and not to settle. We need more people like Alicia to help empower individuals to believe in themselves and their abilities. I am very happy and you will be, too!

- Alexander Shaeffer

Alicia, Thank YOU for your professionalism, follow-thru, expertise, kindness, wisdom, intelligence, and hands-on services you provided to me as I reinvent my career journey. My experience with you was structured and non-stressful. You asked thought-provoking questions that were needed - an honest look at oneself. The final results of your services deepened my career values, making them more than just empty slogans. Yes, I will recommend you and your services to other professionals.

-Page Cook

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