I teach stuck & unfulfilled corporate professionals how to stop settling, gain career clarity, and land careers they LOVE.

I have helped over 2k professionals gain clarity in their careers and empowered them to navigate their job search with confidence, strategy, & ease. 

My clients receive salary increases, career confidence & they learn how to take control of their careers.

If You're Here You Are Probably.......

Feeling Stuck & Burned Out

You have hit a glass ceiling in your career. You are underpaid, overworked, and know it's time for change but not sure how to make that move.

Lacking Career Clarity

You have the habit of falling into your job choices and have never taken the time to think about what you really want.

Unsure of Your Value

You keep doubting & questioning yourself if you have what it takes to have the career you want.

Ready For The Next Level

You are tired of settling & ready to position yourself to attract opportunities that are in alignment with your career goals.

Doubting Yourself

Not sure if you have what it takes to get to where you want to be.

Tired of Doing it on Your Own.

You have exhausted yourself with job search and are tired of not seeing results.

Used to Settling

You are now ready to have power over your decisions and not settle for anything that comes your way.

Tired of a Demanding Career 

You missed out on too many personal moments due to your career controlling your life. 

Loving Your Career Is A Right, Not A Privilege.

I Help My Clients......

Gain clarity and alignment in their careers without sacrificing their personal lives.

Obtain salary increases ranging from $20K-$50K.

Get control over their career path and manage it for life.

Position themselves in an oversaturated market and learn effective job search strategies to cut their job search in half.

Repackage their skills for a career change without starting over. 

Learn to articulate their value with ease.

Overcome their limiting beliefs to reclaim their power and confidence.


"Alicia, Thank YOU for your professionalism, follow-thru, expertise, kindness, wisdom, intelligence, and hands-on services you provided to me as I reinvent my career journey. My experience with you was structured and non-stressful. You asked thought-provoking questions that were needed - an honest look at oneself. The final results of your services deepened my career values, making them more than just empty slogans."



"This lady is worth her weight in GOLD. Truly exceptional. I found her advice to be extremely helpful. The advice she gave me was simple and effective. It was very eye-opening and one of those things that seems like we should all know but don't. This is why so many of us qualified people get skipped over. If you're on the fence, just do it. Invest in yourself. Thank you, Alicia!" 


My Approach to Coaching...

  • Coaching is not about being told what to do but helping you explore your options and provide you with strategies to obtain them.

  • Your dreams are not unreachable, you just need help sometimes positioning yourself for them.

  • Having an expert in your corner can save you so much time and allow you to get a different perspective. 

  • You should never have to settle, but if you don't know your worth you will continue to do so. 

  • Being "stuck" is a great position to be in because now you know it's time for something better.

Shannon Fleming


Right from the beginning, I could tell that Alicia was very knowledgeable and knew what she was talking about. The job search process can be nerve-wracking and within the first meeting, she made me feel a lot better about where I stood within the process. She confirmed that where I was trying to get to career/salary-wise was not unreasonable and is something I can achieve. I definitely recommend her for anyone who needs help and insight within the job search process!

Tiffany Williams


Alicia Perkins’ vision, skill, and professionalism helped transition me into my dream career! She empowers you to see yourself as the professional you want to be and then provides you with the tools to get there. Alicia is efficient, nonjudgmental, and a true professional. I highly recommend her services...all of them! -Thank you so much, Alicia! I look forward to working with you again, and again, and again!

Naomi Olson

Alicia leverages her years of experience to facilitate a change in perspective for her clients. Alicia helped me reevaluate my orientation to my career plans. This allowed me to take a zoomed-out perspective and cultivate a sense of patience and trust while still being proactive about my intentions regarding my career trajectory. On top of the wise perspective she offers, Alicia also shares practical, actionable advice to align one's actions with one's intentions. Thanks, Alicia!

I teach my clients how to go after what they want, not just what's available.

Career Revamp Accelerator


 I help my clients achieve what may seem impossible and I am committed to the success and happiness of my clients. For this reason, my coaching process is application-only and there may be a waiting list for new clients. 

What We Cover:

 Reframing Mindset

Tackle limiting barriers and replacing them with confident mindsets. 

Establishing Expectations

Outline your needs, values & deal-breakers to outline your definition of success.

Career Clarity

We will explore different careers & job titles that are in alignment with your skillset and values.

Clarify Skills

Identify your transferable skills and learn how to articulate your value to market yourself. 

Position Your Expertise

We will polish your professional documents & brand and you will learn to attract opportunities without applying online. 

Plan Your Search

Learn how to craft an effective job search plan you can use for life, and cut your search in half. 

Negotiate Like A Pro

Learn how to effectively express your value to get the salary you deserve. 

What You Get:

5 Private 1:1 Coaching Calls

Career & Interest Assessment

Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Rewrite

30-60-90 Day Job Search Plan

Career Resource Library

Resume Distribution (Resume sent to over 30K recruiters) 

Pay in Full


Payment Plan

6 Payments of $460
Payments as low as $86/mth


Meet Your Coach

I'm Alicia Perkins, a certified Career Coach and I have designed Career Revamp Acceraltor for professionals who are ready to stop settling and land a career they can be proud of. I have heard countless clients talk about being tired of missing their kid's events or frustrated with the disrespect they are facing from their companies. The distance between you and a job you can love is not that far. I am here to lead you to it!

Certified Career Coach

Former Recruiter & Hiring Manager of 10 years

Served Over 2k Professionals


Alexander Shaeffer

Professional, efficient, intuitive, and kind are the words that come to mind when I think of Alicia Perkins. She has helped me tremendously with my difficult transition from formal higher education to the industry side, Alicia has continually motivated me to push for a better position and not to settle. We need more people like Alicia to help empower individuals to believe in themselves and their abilities. I am very happy and you will be, too!


Christine Helton

Working with Alicia has been nothing but awesome! I gained more help from my initial conversation with Alicia than I did the 4 months I spent working with another service. She took the time to learn what my professional goals were and gave me great tips to help me achieve them. I highly recommend using Alicia to anyone looking to reach their professional goals. My only regret is not using her service from the beginning.

Go From:

Unsure about how to plan your next career move.

Confused and overwhelmed with the options you have for your career.

Unaligned & unfulfilled with your job and scared of starting over. 

Feeling stuck and desperate for change.

Tired of being overwhelmed with your job search and feeling hopeless.

Knowing you deserve better but not sure what that looks like. 

Ready to move into your next role with full confidence.​

Sure about what your next move looks like and equipped with strategies to get there.

Knowledgeable & confident about the value you offer in your industry and able to articulate it to employers.​

Ready to manage your career path for life.

Equipped to ease into your job search and prepared for the possibilities. 

You Deserve To....

Be confident in the career you have chosen.

Have the personal life you desire without your work demanding all your time.

Make the money you desire and deserve.

Have the ability to manage your job search and career for life. 

Work for a company that values you & pays you accordingly. 

"Amazing everything! Over delivered! Great communication and the finished product exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend her services for all professions and all levels of experience." - Vincent Farley

"I highly recommend Alicia Perkins service. She was professional and even checked in with me throughout the process. I now feel more confident in my career search. Alicia helped to highlight my skills and strengths while also encouraging me to not settle. It has been a blessing to have her help take my career search to the next level. Thank you Alicia!"- Toni Jackson

"Alicia Perkins is a wonderful consultant for job prepping I was a recent client and I had an amazing interaction. Alicia Perkins was professional, timely, and went above and beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend her services for those that are looking for a consultant to help prepare for job hunting, promotion, etc"-Aubre Martin

Ready to Take Charge of Your Career?