Are you ready....

To finally work in a career you LOVE and get paid the salary you DESERVE?


Is This You?

I am working in a dead-end career.


I know it's time to make a change, but not sure what my next move should be.


I am tired of being overworked & underpaid.


I don't know how to position myself in this competitive job market.

I am tired of sacrificing my personal life for my career.

I have a versatile background and don't know how to package my skills. 

I don't have the confidence to go after the career I know I deserve. 

I'm tired of settling and ready to take charge of my career.

Sounds Familiar?

It's time to re-align your career and take charge of your career for LIFE. 

Progressive Careers Academy

My signature 6-week 1:1 coaching program for unfulfilled & stuck professionals who are ready to stop settling and take control of their career path to land careers that they love.


Get clarity

Get clarity on the career that YOU want to cultivate a career that aligns with your needs. 


Overcoming self-doubt

Explore mindsets and limiting beliefs that may be hindering your professional development and holding you back from tapping into greater opportunities. 


Positioning your self

 Properly position you in your industry and brand yourself to attract your ideal employers so you will become the hunted, not the hunter.



Create a customized strategic action plan that will be constructed to set you up for success and assist you in learning to manage your career for life.



Right from the beginning, I could tell that Alicia was very knowledgeable and knew what she was talking about. The job search process can be nerve-wracking and within the first meeting, she made me feel a lot better about where I stood within the process. She confirmed that where I was trying to get to career/salary-wise was not unreasonable and is something I can achieve. I definitely recommend her to anyone who needs help and insight within the job search process!



Alicia Perkins’ vision, skill and professionalism helped transition me into my dream career! She empowers you to see yourself as the professional you want to be and then provides you with the tools to get there. Alicia is efficient, nonjudgmental, and a true professional. I highly recommend her services...all of them! -Thank you so much Alicia! I look forward to working with you again, and again, and again!



Alicia's job is not to make you appear as something you are not, but rather to highlight and display the skills you've worked so hard to learn throughout your career. I would encourage anyone who feels stuck or frustrated by their job search to reach out to her and make steps towards investing in yourself and your future. Alicia helped me to see all of the skills that I possess, highlighted my career successes, and helped me gain confidence in myself again. I wish I had made this investment in my future many many years ago and am so grateful for Alicia and all of her help!

​Ready to take control of your career path?

 Progressive Careers Academy IS for you if:

  • You want to reach the next level in your career and step out of your comfort zone and embrace something more aligned with your inner self.

  • You are ready to make a move but feel a little intimidated about your current skill set and not sure if you have what it takes and don't know how to package everything.

  • You are ready to take an honest look inside to make peace with the past, learn what needs to be learned, and boldly step into a new career.

  • You are tired of the current industry you are in and ready to completely rebrand yourself and learn what other opportunities are out there and how to go after them. 

  • You already know what actions would make the greatest difference yet you are afraid, more worried about failing, thus stalling on the idea. 

 Progressive Careers Academy is NOT for you if:

  • You don't take your career seriously.

  • You are not ready to make the investment to level up in your career.

  • You want a quick fix rather than a long-term plan and proven strategies .

  • You want someone to do all the work for you.

  • You don't want honest feedback.

Who's Your Coach?

Hi! I'm Alicia

I am an HR veteran and past Executive Recruiter and Hiring Manager with over a decade of experience placing professionals into meaningful careers.

I have now dedicated my business to helping passionate and ambitious professionals do the same.

I have created Progressive Careers Academy to provide tools, strategies, confidence, and proven methods to launch you into the next level of your career with ease.

At The End Of This Program You Will:

  • Have complete clarity on your next career move.

  • Know how to market yourself effectively and attract opportunities with full confidence.

  • Be able to maneuver strategically through the job search process, ace the interview process and learn proven methods to negotiate a salary that you deserve.

  • Know your transferable skills are and how to confidently leverage them in your industry.

  • Be positioned properly as a competitive candidate and draw the attention of recruiters and decision-makers.

  • Leave with a clear job search strategy & attainable career goals with action plans to achieve them.


Progressive Careers Academy

A transformational 6-week career accelerator for underpaid and unfulfilled professionals who are ready to take control of their career path and land rewarding careers. 

  • 6 Private Coaching Calls 

  • Rebranded Resume ​

  • Optimized LinkedIn Profile 

  • Job Search Strategy Plan ​

  • Networking Templates ​

  • Interview Prep

  • Unlimited Access to Your Coach


Your Investment Options:

One Time Payment: $2,500


4 payments of $700

Alicia is absolutely incredible and a pleasure to work with! She truly gets an understanding of what her clients are wanting to do or achieve and puts them into a position to make those things happen! She works quickly and delivers an awesome product! If you are looking to take that next step in your career, this is the person to get in touch with.

Crew B. 

Alicia demonstrated considerable insight and expertise . Her work and coaching are sharply crafted and professionally designed. I am fortunate to have had her work with me. Valuable expertise is an investment in my future. I recommend her - You will be in great hands.

Doreen N.

I'm Tired of Settling, I'm Ready!