PurposedtoPaid is a virtual career advancement membership that provides live events, courses, resources, 1:1 career coaching, done-for-you services, and a community to take you to the next level of your career.

PurposedtoPaid is our private community for ambitious professionals motivated by purpose, committed to career success, willing to do the work, and determined to create their careers on their own terms.

 You Don't Have To Navigate Your Career Alone!

PurposedtoPaid Helps Develop:

  • Successful Networking: Skip to the Front of the Line and Get a Job You’ll Love Doing

  • Pro Negotiation: Ask for the Salary You Deserve and Actually Get It

  • Confident Goal-Setting: Gain Clarity on What You Want Out of a Career and Stop Settling for Less

  • Strategies to Soar: Taking Actionable Steps to Get Closer to Where You Want to Be

  • Recognize Your Value: Know What You Bring to the Table and Find Employers Who Will Invest in You

  • Professional & Personal Growth: Achieve the Next Level in Your Life and Career 


"I Want to Change Careers, But Not Sure What I Want To Do Next?"

"I Lack the Confidence To Go To The Next Level Of My Career"

"How Do I Ask For A Raise Rr Promotion?"


"How Do I Move Into Leadership Roles"?


"How Do I Leverage My Skills to Start My Own Business?"


"I've Always Settled in my Career..."


"I'm Clueless When It Comes To Salary Negotiation"

"I Don't Have The Experience I Need For The Jobs I Want..."


"How Do I Market Myself to Potential Employers..."


"I Need Help in Planning Out My Career...


  "I'm Always Stuck in Toxic Work Environments and Have Trouble Setting Boundaries..."


"I Need Help Setting Career & Professional Development Goals..."


"I've Always Struggled With Job Searching & Networking..."


"I Can't Seem To Find People Who Share The Same Career Goals As Me"

If You Feel Like This, I'm Talking To You!

The time has come to stop chasing what is available and to go after what you want. 


Take a look at what this membership offers.

Live Monthly Workshops

Access to 1:1 Career Coaching

Exclusive Peer Support

On-Demand Training

Resume & LinkedIn Services

Daily Career & Job Search Support

Daily Career & Job Search Support

Daily Career & Job Search Support

Join a Tight-Knit Community and have amazing resources for career advancement at your disposal.

My name is Alicia & I'm Here to Help You Transform Your Career.

After working in HR for over a decade as a recruiter & hiring manager, I witnessed many people take on jobs they didn't want to just keep a steady paycheck or they didn't have the resources or knowledge to move into something more aligned with their goals & expectations.

It is my mission to use my expertise to empower you to change the trajectory of your career.

I have helped over 2k professionals into higher salaries & more purposeful careers. Now, I am bringing you my PurposetoPaid membership so that you can access life-changing guidance on demand.

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