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First, let me start off by saying, "WOW"! I love my interaction with Alicia and her expertise in this field has me inspired to do the work that she set out for me. I feel a whole lot more confident in my ability to find that role that fits me and my needs. Coming from an environment where I felt undervalued and overworked put me in a place of insecurity and self-doubt, Alicia turned that around in just one phone call encouraging me to not sell myself short, and provided me with all the tools needed to succeed in my job search. I walked away with enough information to not only find that role that's for me, but I also came out of this experience with a bit more confidence and determination. Alicia is a blessing in disguise!

Cherie Smith, Project Manager

Absolutely enjoyed working with Alicia on clarifying my career goals, exploring my true areas of interest, and gaining more knowledge and understanding about self-branding. I received a tremendous amount of knowledge and value that I will implement into my future career endeavors. Working with Alicia helped me explore my strengths and my weaknesses and understand myself better. Knowing this will allow me to position myself in careers that fit who I am and give me the fulfillment that I am looking for. What a great experience and I absolutely recommend Alicia if you are looking to take that next step in your career!

Fortune Mazhambe, Control Analyst

Alicia was extremely down to earth and really helped me to effectively map out how to reintroduce myself after making the decision to change careers. Filling out her questionnaire assured me that this was no ordinary experience and that she would put every effort in to assist me in landing a new job. She took her time and provided me with an impressive resume and cover letter that truly highlights my strengths and contributions which I know will take me far. If you’ve ever been unsure about this kind of service I would wholeheartedly urge you to take a chance, especially if you struggle with preparing your own resume. Alicia cares and it shows. I’d recommend her to anyone who is serious about making a change in a professional capacity.

Brandi Thomas, Human Resources

Alicia leverages her years of experience to facilitate a change in perspective for her clients. Alicia helped me reevaluate my orientation to my career plans. This allowed me to take a zoomed-out perspective and cultivate a sense of patience and trust while still being proactive about my intentions regarding my career trajectory. On top of the wise perspective she offers, Alicia also shares practical, actionable advice to align one's actions with one's intentions. Thanks, Alicia! 

Naomi Olson, Program Designer 

Right from the beginning, I could tell that Alicia was very knowledgeable and knew what she was talking about. The job search process can be nerve-wracking and within the first meeting, she made me feel a lot better about where I stood within the process. She confirmed that where I was trying to get to career/salary-wise was not unreasonable and is something I can achieve. I definitely recommend her for anyone who needs help and insight within the job search process!  

Shannon Fleming, Accounts Payable 

Working with Alicia has been an excellent experience for me. She’s very experienced in the job search industry and she was extremely responsive to my needs. She highlighted my strengths in an outstanding manner and has earned my respect and admiration. Working with her was easy and she was very timely. I truly appreciate it!

Reema Mishra, Vice President of Operations 

Alicia Perkins’ vision, skill, and professionalism helped transition me into my dream career! She empowers you to see yourself as the professional you want to be and then provides you with the tools to get there. Alicia is efficient, nonjudgmental, and a true professional. I highly recommend her services...all of them! 

-Thank you so much, Alicia! I look forward to working with you again, and again, and again!

Tiffany Williams, DEI Consultant 

If you are looking for a great professional to take your career to the next level contact Alicia Perkins. Not only was she proficient with her skills/communication, she was also operating with efficiency, and had an amazing turnaround time. Alicia has a great attitude and it is obvious she is passionate about what she does. She not only gave me a 5-star product but also 5-star service. Would recommend her to anyone. 

Stephan Moss, Operations

Alicia is absolutely incredible and a pleasure to work with! She truly gets an understanding of what her clients are wanting to do or achieve and puts them into a position to make those things happen! She works quickly and delivers an awesome product! If you are looking to take that next step in your career, this is the person to get in touch with. 

Crew Bennett, Data Analyst

 I came across Alicia on LinkedIn, when I was considering the next step in my career. Her coaching provided direct feedback, encouragement, and the perspective I needed to hear. The right mindset is essential to not only finding your ideal position but the right company. Thank you, Alicia!

Jamie Rogers, Human Resources Director

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