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 It's time to stop settling. Recognize your value. Regain the voice back in your career. Create your career on your terms.


Is your career everything? Nope. But it impacts everything. It's time to gain the control back in your career & start creating the career you always wanted. Dream job? Nah. We are digging deeper than that. We want a career that can support our dream life.


Tune in every Thursday as we talk about:


  • Real action strategies to get you to the next level of your career

  • Thought-provoking questions

  • All things career & professional development


Some past episodes:

🎧 26 min listen

Episode 2: The Cost of Settling in Your Career

🎧 22 min listen

Episode 3: It's Time To Get Clear On What You Want

🎧 20 min listen

Episode 4: How To Change Careers The Right Way

🎧 27 min listen

Episode 5: Let's Talk About What's Holding You Back

🎧 23 min listen

Episode 6: Ok. So You Want a Job? Own it!

🎧 25 min listen

Episode 7: Own The Interview Process

Meet the Host

 Alicia Perkins
Career Development Coach

As a former recruiter & HR Leader with over a decade of seating in the hiring seat, Alicia has a passion to let you know you can have the career you've always dreamed of. She will challenge the way you see your career but also show you what is possible. She has helped thousands level up in their careers & she has a mission to guide more to the path of career fulfillment. 

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Feels like I’m listening to a friend!!

This podcast and the message Alicia is sending resonates deeply as I’m in a transitional phase of life. Alicia talks about not sacrificing who you are to be in alignment and being intentional with finding work that serves you. I highly recommend tuning in!!

 Sam. R


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