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The Cost of Playing it Safe

You could be going after what you want in your career. But instead, you are going nowhere fast.

Ok. I'm sorry. Wheewww. Let me slow down. I know that may have seemed a little harsh but I needed you to know right off the jump where I'm going with this.

There must be something you would rather be doing other than clocking in and out of a job that is doing nothing for you. You are bored and want more. So what's stopping you?

People don't realize that not making a choice is still making a choice because it still produces an outcome.

Not doing something about what you don't like will only result in you getting more of what you don't like.

And just because you know you deserve better doesn't mean you are choosing better. It just means you have become aware & not taking action on it will only make you more miserable because now you know you are operating out of alignment.

This is why many will choose to stay blind so they can be numb to their true feelings.

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You are asking yourself the wrong questions.

The question is not how many pages your resume should be. Or if you need to put the "Open to Work" feature on your Linkedin profile.

It's the lack of clarity that is scary to you. So you choose to keep the "safe job" & just deal with the unhappiness because being comfortable means more to you than actually being happy. But what it is costing you?

Start asking yourself:

  • "What am I missing?
  • "What don't I like about my current job?"
  • "What do I need more of?"
  • "What accommodations do I need to make for my life?"
  • "Can my current role support what I want for my life?"


If you want to advance, you need to be honest with yourself.

Settling for what you can get is never going to get you to that next level. Stop making excuses and start making moves.

 Yes, you might not hate your job, but are you growing? Is your income growing as much as your impact is? Has your skillset become stale?

 I know you feel called out right now. But I want to call you to something greater.

Don't let fear take the wheel.

 We spend so much time worrying about “what if” that we forget to ask ourselves the most important thing. What if it works out? Sometimes that’s the scariest thought of all.

Fear of success is real & it's paralyzing a lot of people.

You deserve everything that you want out of your career even if you think you don’t - and no, you don’t need another degree to get it.

The only thing in your way is you.

I promise you that for whatever problem you can think of, there is a solution. When you start moving with purpose and stop giving in to fear a whole new chapter will begin for you.

All you need to pivot your career and change your life is the right strategy.

 There is no reason you need to be compromising on your mental health, your salary, or your standards.

Good things come to those who put in the work.

Are you ready to do the work?

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