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Prioritize Your Success Over Your Company's

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Life is about more than just what you do for a living.

It is time to free yourself from the idea that your job owns you.

You can get so devoted to your job that you don’t stop to think about what it is that you actually want for yourself.

It becomes more important to make sure that you're this perfect employee who gets everything done.

So your productivity at work becomes an avenue of you trying to prove you deserve the job which turns into you overworking yourself.

While your own needs end up on the back burner while you work towards somebody else’s goals.

And when you do finally admit to yourself that you are wanting more, you almost feel guilty. It’s like you should just be happy with what you have and if you’re not then you’re doing something wrong.

You are not doing anything wrong by wanting fulfillment.

The relationship that you have with your job is based on the role that you fulfill and what incentives they give you to do so. It is not unconditional.

If your job is not providing you that then they are doing you a disservice.


You are not asking for too much. But your employer probably is.

 Being expected to go above and beyond for an employer who won’t even give you the bare minimum is way more normal than it should be.

 How much time with your kids, family, and friends have you given up for the sake of your job? Those are years you will never get back. Your job is not going to hold back on its demands for your sake.

Why are you compromising on what you want out of life for your job?

 A lot of the time these employers want to keep you in this mindset that if you don’t bend over backwards to dedicate your whole life to them that you won’t make it anywhere in your career. But you are the one with the skills, and you can take them with you anywhere.


You don’t owe your job anything. Stop sticking around because you have something to prove.

Get rid of the idea that you have some obligation to your job outside of what you already do. You are solving problems for them by working there, and that is enough.

 If they really wanted to keep you, they should have given you more of a reason to stay.

The only obligation that you should be thinking about is the one you have to yourself. Don’t be so concerned with how you are going to look leaving your job that you choose not to pursue the things that you know are going to make you happy.

 You do not need to remain stuck just to prove that you’re a good employee. If something isn’t working for you now, it’s up to you to change it.

Go after what you want now, or you will forever be settling for what you can get.


"It's better to look ahead & prepare than to look back & regret."
-Jackie Joyner-Kersee

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Whatever you do, don't settle!



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