Get the Most Out of Your Career: How to Find Fulfillment Even If You Don't Love Your Job

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The end of the weekend has arrived, you start to get stressed out and you know exactly why! You love your chosen career field, you are one superb employee, you know your job and you get it done, CORRECTLY, the FIRST time!

So why stress? It is because you hate your job! Maybe not the employer, but the place, the business, and the rest of the crew there. Most people dream of what they want to do all their lives, they prepare for it, and they pick the best schooling to get them there. You graduate College, and have THAT job you are supposed to love and it ISN’T.

What are some things that you can do that 1.) May change your mind about how you feel  2.) Convince you to find a new employer?

The first issue is to determine what it is that you hate about it. Is it the job, or is it the people? In all actuality, it may not really matter which answer you choose. The point is you need to change your mental status in regard to the job.

Your job should leave you feeling satisfied and fulfilled. What leaves such a negative impact is when you do not have those feelings.

Begin by assessing your own situation. This is a time to be honest with yourself about why you are in the line of work that you have chosen.


Money is not going to be the key that keeps you fulfilled and satisfied.

We see countless of rich people ending their own lives, so we know money isn't the answer.All of these can send you into a tailspin and begin thinking that this is the wrong job for you. Enjoying your chosen career should be more important than earning oodles of money. Yes, the money is always an awesome benefit, but it may not be worth it if the job is not worthwhile. Contrary to popular belief, money does not always buy happiness.


The most common reasons that there is job dissatisfaction include:

  • Lack of Opportunity

It may be that there is no advancement opportunity in your current position, making you feel as though it is a dead-end position. There seems to be no room for advancement.

  • Boredom

You do not feel engaged or as though you have to put much thought into doing your job.

  • Coworkers or Management

When you have fellow workers that make the job more challenging, whether it is because they do not do their job or do it haphazardly, this makes for frustration and leads to disillusionment.

  • Negative impact on Personal Values

The company and the culture that you work for may not align with your values and beliefs.


Don't be afraid to explore something new.

Ultimately, after you have thought long and hard, maybe it is time for you to consider a different position, a difference in the same overall career field. It may take time before you are actually able to give notice and move on, so in the meantime, you need to find a way that will increase the satisfaction you feel.

Speak with your employer and see if there are other options, opportunities, or possible changes that can be made in your position to make it more fulfilling and satisfying. Having a conversation about changes with your employer may help them to see that the business can progress further if the doors are open to the possibilities.

It is the employer’s job to support you, to push you, and to ensure that you are doing the job you were hired to do, but, your boss cannot read minds and just know that you are not satisfied. This is why open communication is so important. With an honest conversation, both the employer and you may find you have more in common and have the same ambitions for the business.

If this is not an option, be on the search for other positions that do entail more of what you narrowed your wants, needs, hopes, and wishes down to. Although many people do not like leaving and starting over, sometimes it is for the best so that your skills and abilities are put to the test to help you advance and yet enjoy the position you hold.


Don't underestimate your abilities and the unique contribution you can make regardless of what you do.

You're able to express yourself and make a positive impact on those around you because of your skills and abilities. Your work is valuable, so don't undervalue it. Keep in mind that feeling satisfied with your job can lead to increased happiness. Regardless of your long-term career goals, you should appreciate your current skills and abilities. Whether you excel at planning projects or have a natural talent for coming up with fresh ideas, your contributions are valuable and should be recognized.

However, in the end, do not write off your dreams because one branch of the dream was too weak to hold you. Find another branch, one that has the opportunity you desire. Work with those around you for ideas and methods to implement those ideas.


📌Whatever you do, Don't Settle!📌

Alicia Perkins

Career & Professional Development Educator | Speaker | Trainer | Podcast Host

Alicia Perkins is a former Recruiting & HR leader who is now helping professionals take control of their careers & land careers they love. Alicia has helped over 2k professionals gain career clarity, regain their voice & go after what they deserve unapologetically.

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