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Creating A Career Vs. Chasing One

A moment of satisfaction is not the same as a life of fulfillment. Most people, however, are caught up in chasing moments rather than creating a life they can continually enjoy.

But isn't this what everyone does with their careers? Choosing to jump from job to job in the hope something sticks or deciding to stay & accepting it for what it is.

Well maybe most do, but it doesn't have to be you.

 You don’t have to sacrifice who you are for the sake of a job. It is possible to find a career that will enrich rather than diminish your quality of life.

Waiting around in hopes that an employer will acknowledge your value is a great way to wind up somewhere that doesn’t reflect where you want to be in your career.

(You need to be creating, not waiting.)

And you will always be wanting more, but not confident enough to go for it.

Before you know it, years will go by and nothing will have changed.

Allowing yourself to stay stuck in this position will negatively impact the way that you see yourself and have a dramatic effect on all aspects of your life.

The energy you take home from a bad job can influence how you treat the people around you, and how you feel about the overall life you are living.

It will kill your confidence and prevent you from getting the things that you know you deserve.

 You need to remind yourself that you bring something to the table that your employer needs.

 Stop pretending that someone hiring you would be doing you a favor. This type of mindset causes us to accept toxic situations as if it just is what it is. You are not soliciting your skillset but you should be marketing it to companies that see the value in it & you.

 But sacrificing your mental, physical, or financial health for a job isn't fulfilling.

"But What If I Can’t Get the Job I Want?"

First, let me ask why it's easier to believe you won't get what you want rather than that you will?

I think that's a whole other discussion. (I'll be back to talk about this at a later date)

But there are more opportunities out there than you think.

 But, when you’re constantly worrying about whether someone else will think you make the cut you hold yourself back from getting your career to that next level.

 Limiting yourself to what you think others expect of you will make it hard to feel like there is anything out there for you.

I guarantee you that your employer knows how good you are. But they also know that if they let you in on it that you will start asking for more.

“No One Will Ever Take Me Seriously”


The only person who needs to take you seriously is you. Because your success depends on how you view yourself, not on anyone else.

 Most of the time we have what it takes to get the things we want. We just need to take some time to think about our next move.

Approaching things with clarity makes it much easier to feel confident asking for what we want.

 You don’t need to completely overhaul your life and start a brand-new career from the bottom. It’s about repackaging your experience to get you where you want to go next.

Once you recognize your own value, so many life-changing opportunities become available to you.


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