So Tell Me...


Despite being unhappy with your current job, afraid to make a move.

Wants to upgrade your lifestyle but your current job can't do it and you're not sure if you qualify for the opportunities you're interested in your desired salary range.

Lacks clarity about your next steps and are unsure how to successfully change careers.

Overworked, underpaid, & stuck in a job that doesn't allow you to operate in your zone of genius.

Constantly doubts your skills & experience which have resulted in your career growth being stunted & has stopped from you seeking better roles. 



Hi, I'm Alicia

 I'm a Career Development Coach that loves helping stuck professionals stop settling, recognize their value & maximize their earning potential without sacrificing their boundaries. 


Alicia is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to helping you navigate your career so you don't lose yourself in it, but find your voice and value through it Alicia positioned me as a mission-accomplished achiever and not just a task-focused doer. I'm so glad I found Alicia and hired her to help me advance in my career. She's worth the investment. 



Alicia was the first time I have ever worked with a career coach. Her warm, professional, and transparent approach has provided great insight and knowledge that I needed to move forward in my career transition. I am moving forward in the right direction of my career road map due to the guidance of Alicia and her coaching services.


That’s how I got here

I have hired for over 40 different industries & filled thousands of positions. I have worked in the HR arena for over a decade seeing professionals constantly overworking themselves, disregarding their boundaries & not advocating for the career they deserved. 

I've decided to spin my knowledge and start a full-time business empowering people to gain control of their careers & set their own terms

Since then I've helped hundreds of people find their value, identify their needs, and achieve a life that doesn't involve working 40+ hours in a job they hate.  

If you're tired of hearing career advice from "experts" who have only had experience working on their own career journey, then you're in the right place. Leverage my personal story and my +10 years of being in the hiring seat. 

Work With Me

This is how I can help you;

  • We'll define your boundaries to protect your values, expectations & non-negotiables in your new position.
  • Show you how to market yourself to a position that both you are qualified for and you will enjoy. 
  • Get clarity about career possibilities you are not only qualified for but will also thrive in.
  • Help you gain confidence in what you bring to the table and honor your boundaries.

  • We will identify your talents, achievements, impact areas, secret sauce & unique skills you should be leveraging.

  • Teach you how to conduct an effective job search while remaining true to your authentic self.
I Need Your Help!